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Easter Yard

posted Mar 25, 2011 13:24:43 by Philthy_McNasty
Well if you were here last year you would know what to expect from the yard. I dont think we have any members that have been here for more than a year - if you have been please speak up.

Anyhow - yard is the same but expect this time to be more functional. I dig a few of you like to grab up the items by beating down a ref, leprechaun or groundhog - but if you are going to be doing it I would, and others, appreciate if you would work in a team. It gets kinda beat having to run back in and grab healthshakes and play nurse maid for someone stuck way on the other side of the yard. It kills our time and we have to use an extra sw to get to you.

This Easter yard I would like to see you guys group up and split into teams of 4 or 5. With each person carryinga health shake if one of you goes down your easily revived - you, the newly revived player, then runs in to grab up health shakes. Remember,you can drop stuff in the yard for your teammates to pick up. This will work for everyone and give all a fair shake to try and earn a dvd or other amenity.

Going to guess this year we are going to be getting smacked down by a large rabbit...
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cwel said Mar 29, 2011 11:57:48
there wasnt yard last year, it was opened like 6months ago. but i think we can expect easter eggs and easter baskets, maybe some now items
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