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Fire Sale's

posted Mar 29, 2011 07:46:10 by Zanej
Post when a inmate that has known valuable amens is Banned so everyone can be prepared for a Fire Sale

Post any firesale amens gained or anything firesale related here to give the fam first picks :D thanks
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Zanej said Apr 08, 2011 04:05:27
Unsigned has been Banned for whatever reason. So be ready for his firesale he has alot of everything :D will definatly be soon to use favors before 4/20 and Easter

EDIT: Still been 3 days of his ban the firesale will be coming soon :D

Just seen Fatoush is banned also, this is getting better :D
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Gothy said Apr 15, 2011 18:20:08
Unsigned still is banned its been 7 days
Fatoush on the other hand isn't banned no more
Zanej said Apr 16, 2011 23:58:42
Anytime everyone needs those favors handy, Mu has been slick lately also doin it rather 9-11am gametime or 8-10pm gametime to satisfy the euro's
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