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I shall be absent :(

posted Apr 11, 2011 19:49:44 by Elena
Due to crappy ongoing stuff, and my ex coming over in about a week, I will barely be on from the 18th on, for about 3 weeks, maybe even a month :( I will miss you guys :(

If anything, you guys can always reach me on my MSN,,

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4 replies
KristopherStarl said Apr 11, 2011 19:54:12
Nooooooooo :(
Zanej said Apr 15, 2011 12:03:19
Yeah that doesnt sound like fun, hopefully all goes well. Pop in if you need any support (or to vent) :D
Gothy said Apr 15, 2011 12:53:48
we shall miss you like zane said we will be here to support
HumamuHumam said May 01, 2011 13:27:09
empty ur cell b4 u go
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